Delilah Taylor

After being an employee for many years and absolutely hating it I began searching for a way to be my own boss. Not knowing any better I started with a direct sales company doing in home parties and was spending more than I was making even though I was actually selling items. Next I attempted a few MLMs and quickly grew exhausted bugging my friends and family to join my business that they had no interest in being a part of at any moment. Finally, I made my mind up and laid down the rules for myself of how I wanted to do business for myself. There were only 3 rules to follow and it led me straight to my new lifestyle. I decided I would only work from home, my business would be internet based and I would only work with clients that had an interest in my business. Quickly I found my way to G+ platform and within a month was hosting 3 live streaming shows a week. I was the first person to monetize a weekly Google Hangout by hosting a shop at home show. The next logical step was live webinars promoting my own coaching program with up to 300 live viewers at time. This was fantastic for me but still wasn't everything I was looking for to complete my online lifestyle. Next on the agenda was digital product creation with multiple video trainings about Video, Google, Youtube, Facebook and CPA. Being able to capture oodles of affiliates to promote my own offers that multiple product creators requested me as a JV manager for their promotions also. And then I found Periscope. It was a natural progression for me and has become the focus of my business. My second Scope ever had over 1200 live viewers and been rocking Periscope ever since then.

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