Daniel Martinho

Daniel Martinho is an accoladed and certificated music teacher with over 13 years of experience in all facets of music education. He has successfully started over 600 students on bowed string instruments and most recently was awarded a Governor's Teacher Recognition Award from the State of New Jersey for his work as a music educator. Dan obtained his Bachelor of Music in music education from The College of New Jersey and his Master of Music from Boston University. In addition to his work in public schools, he also partnered with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra in piloting a ground-breaking El Sistema violin instruction program in an inner-city charter school. Dan is also very active as a performer, performing with and having co-founded the Barefoot String Quartet. The group specializes in all styles of music, from Bach to The Beatles, and most recently performed alongside such legends as Bruce Springsteen, Dionne Warwick, and The Shirelles, to name a few.

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