Cole Mercer

Hey there! I'm a Senior Product Manager at SoundCloud where I work on listener experience for over 170 million monthly users across web, iOS, and Android platforms.

I'm also a former General Assembly Product Management instructor where I taught courses in person to students in Manhattan. I'm on Udemy now because I loved my experience at GA and really enjoy teaching others about things I've learned.

I have consulted for various tech companies, and while in NYC was also a Product Manager at Bonobos - a web-focused retail clothing brand where I oversaw web and mobile properties that generated tens of millions in annual revenue through tens of thousands of customers.

Included in my knowledge is a lot of enterprise and a SaaS product management experience - I was an early product manager at Mass Relevance, a social API and data-focused enterprise marketing platform which was acquired in 2014.

Much earlier in my career I spent over a year as a PM with an investor funded startup in Austin, TX focusing on driving traction for early stage companies where we had over 35,000 users. I moved to that position from an initial role as a web engineer.

My career in Product Management started after graduating from Babson College and becoming a technology consultant to several companies across the US for over 2 years. As a result, I am fortunate enough to have experience in product management that spans several industries and development models.

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