Caleb Stultz

Caleb is committed to excellence and that core principle is threaded throughout each of his courses. He measures success by the number of people he is able to help in meaningful and real ways. His goal is to connect students to meaningful content that will equip them to do things they never knew they could. He is originally from the Portland, Oregon area and loves the Pacific Northwest. Presently, he lives in Jakarta, Indonesia teaching at an International school. He loves living abroad and has had a blast getting to know a new culture and learn a new language too! TECHNOLOGY Caleb's life has been centered around the fascinating world of technology. It's his life-blood, his passion, and he loves teaching people to unlock the world of technology in their life. From the beginning, he has been "tech support" for friends and family and is frequently asked to solve a variety of tech problems. He is a maker and hacker for life and desires to teach what he knows to others. Caleb is proficient in Apple software and hardware ranging from OS X to iOS and everything in-between. He has years of experience in Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10) and other Microsoft products as well. He strives to be current in relevant tech news and is an excellent resource for ideas and questions about all-things-tech. DESIGN While he doesn't possess any formal training, Caleb has taken numerous courses and trainings online on design – graphic design specifically – and has a natural eye for what looks great and works well. He has worked on many projects and has created graphics for people all over the world. His designs have made it onto graphic tees, posters, and more. He strives to create excellent designs that are effective as well. His greatest area of expertise is in generating graphics for social media marketing. AUTHOR Caleb is the author of 'Apple Watch and watchOS 2: Power User in an Hour!' available on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace. He wrote this book to accompany his very first Udemy course called 'Productivity Essentials: Work Smarter With Apple Watch'. He enjoys writing and will publish more books later down the road.

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