Brenda María Parada López

My name is Brenda Parada. I was born in El Salvador. I am studying English because I really love it, since I was just a baby. I also love teaching, sharing knowledge with people its awesome! I would love to travel to other countries to get to know other languages, society, culture, food, among others. I've been looking forward to new experiences. Photography became a passion of mine, although I'm studying. It became much more to me than taking photos. It was like writing a book full of color! It didn't need words or text! I truly love reading, books, magazines or articles online. It has helped me to acquire a considerable amount of knowledge. To keep learning something new each day, I associate with people who have a plenty of knowledge about this and that. Im looking forward to improve and to become even better in all senses, in every area! So this is me.. Best regards!