Brad Newton

Why are 14,000+ people from 153 countries currently enrolled in my fitness courses? ► I'm a fitness practitioner that practices everything I teach (add SEEKFITLIFE on Snapchat and you will see the behind the scenes for yourself) ► I'm empathetic to people that are skinny fat or just fat, because I was too. I wasn't raised in a family of "athletes." I figured everything out for myself. I'm not genetically "gifted." ► I teach practical tools backed in real science (I have a Bachelor of Science.) ► Everything I teach in my courses I have used to become a Fitness Model Competitor. ► I simplify the science and cut through the BS. I just hate people being lied to or scammed (like I was!) ► You have access to me. Always. Forever. --------------------------------- ► HERE'S THE TRUTH ◄ --------------------------------- I was once out of shape, in and out of hospital. Sick. All-of-the-time. I've been really skinny, skinny fat, and just fat & miserable. I've experienced it all. I turned everything around after deciding that I wanted to trade my visits to the hospital for visits to the gym. I worked hard. Studied hard. Figured it out. And over time, transformed my body. It changed my life. I launched my website. I started filming courses and this started my passion to pay it forward to others. I'm addicted to helping people like you... I think because I had to learn everything the hard way (trial and error.) ► I applied for a Ninja Warrior TV Show ► I earned 1st place in two divisions for fitness modelling ► I am competing in the National and World Fitness Model Titles in June 2017 --------------------------------- ► BEFORE YOU LEAVE ◄ --------------------------------- I wasn't kidding about Snapchat. You will get to see the behind the scenes of how I prepare for fitness model contests. How I meal plan. What I think and feel. And you can question anything and everything I do. Ask me anything! Add --> SEEKFITLIFE

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