Atil Samancioglu

Hello All, I have been engaged with programming since i was little. Since Swift (Apple's programming language) came out i have been writing iPhone & iPad applications for hobby. I now specialize in Swift 3, Parse, Firebase and Push Notifications. I believe whatever your background and occupation is, you have to give coding a chance. I think code litteracy will grow disproportionately in years. Young kids get educated about the subject in elementary and highschools now. So if you don't want to be an outdated old person when you grow old, i suggest you to do your best :) That's why i will try to provide classes about Swift 3, Social Media, Parse, Firebase, Push Notifications and other subjects for you to understand the basics of these concepts. So if you have a great application idea then you will have the chance to implement it yourself without needing to hire an agency or freelance developer.

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