Ana Lekic

Ana is a SAP Senior Consultant for over 10 years, mostly in the Insurance, Aviation, Retail and Public Sector. Her focus is on developing custom-based applications mostly based on SAP CRM. She is also responsible for the development and distribution of a SAP Add On that her company developed. Most of the clients she is working for are from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. She already worked on projects for companies like Siemens, Austrian Airlines, Telekom Austria, the National Insurance and also for the company SAP itself. After teaching her first courses for clients she got excited to be a trainer and presenter. That's the reason why she also started teaching online courses here on Udemy. She has designated her teaching to be as practical and applicable as possible to really get her students to the next level by showing them how all of this actually works on the SAP System - not just the theory behind it. Ana is a leading Consultant and constantly working with new technologies like SAP WebUI, Web Dynpro, BOPF, Floorplan Manager, Fiori and much more. If you are interested in these topics and find no course that fits just send Ana a request that you would be interested in a specific course. What are you waiting for? Get your SAP and ABAP skills to the next level and join one of her courses!

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