Ace Sanada

Hi everybody, I am Ace. To be honest with you, I am not a native speaker of English. I really had a hard time learning English. I was sick and tired of learning English. Even if I tried hard, my English skills didn’t improve much. I hated learning English the way I was taught in school. That method was translation-based. It took too much time and was very confusing. Some years ago, I came across another way of learning languages. This method helped me and my English skills improved. The method that helped me involved learning languages through images such as photos, pictures, and illustrations. What I like about this method is that I don’t have to translate every single word into my language. I can link images to English instead. So I don’t need to use my first language very much. This method is simple and fast. A few years ago, I started making video lessons based on this method and sharing them with people around the world. Many people have enjoyed them. Maybe you don’t want to learn English from a non-native speaker of English. Don’t worry about it. I have native speakers of English who work with me to create the video lessons. They correct the scripts of the lessons and do the narrations. Now I am excited to share these video lessons with you, and I hope that you will improve your English skills with them. Thanks. Ace はじめまして。あつしです。 英語が大好きです。今は、洋書にはまっています。最近読んだ中では、Robert B. Parker の Early Autumn という作品がとても面白かったです。 今、始めようとしていることは、写真で英語日記です。簡単に言えば、写真投稿に英語でキャプションを入れるものです。 大学はアメリカで通いました。編入、インターン、アルバイトをしため、7年も通ってしまいました。(笑) インターンシップでは、ホテルのフロントなんかで働きました。 TOEICは、955点です。満点をとる気力はありません。(笑) ライフワークとして、日本語を使わない英語学習法を広めていきます。 かなり遠い将来ですが、英語で本を出版したいです。

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