Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most popular questions that users have asked; you may find them useful. If you have new question that is not mentioned in these questions, please contact us and ask your own question.

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  • Tutorials
    • First of all you have to Login to the website, or please Sign Up if you are not a member already.

    • After login, you can add any tutorial that does not exists in iTutorialist. You would find the tutorial from various tutorial providers' websites. From the menu, choose Add New->Tutorial. add tutorial image

    • Now you face a form which you have to pay attention to the instructor details, tutorial category, license, language, type and publish date. Also you may download the image of the tutorial and upload that in the iTutorialist. In the first field you have to search for instructor(s) of the tutorial, by start typing the name, there would be a resault of searching in instructors to show you existing instructors in iTutorialist. (If the instructor you are looking for does not be shown in the results, then it means that instructor does not exists in iTutorialist and you have to add the instructor. Have a look on Add Instructor in this page for more details.) add tutorial image

    • Simply you would go through other fields and fill them up. add tutorial category add tutorial type then after these steps you have to add the published date of the tutorial and URL of that and the name and description about the tutorial. Please pay attention that you have to add a unique url for the tutorial. add tutorial url and then after all of these you have to add the tutorial image if it does have any. add tutorial image

    • And finally click on 'Submit Tutorial' button. You have added the tutorial successfully if you see the green message. Now you would see a page to add sub-tutorials for your added tutorial. (Have a look on how to add sub-tutorials in this page.)

    After you added the tutorial, you should add the sub-tutorials for the tutorial. You would be redirected to the sub-tutorial page after you click on 'submit Tutorial' button. You easily can choose how many sub-tutorials does exists in the tutorial you added, and then enter their topic and description (if exists). Click on + button or +Multi button based on the method you want to add sub-tutorials. (One by one or all together) add tutorial image

    • For adding all sub-tutorials together click on +Multi button, then enter number of sub-tutorials and click GO: add tutorial image When you click on go button, it would create number you entered sub-tutorial form and you have to fill them out. Then easily after fill the sub-tutorial name and description you can click on create button and the sub-tutorials would be created.
    • For adding sub-tutorial one by one, you should click on + button: add tutorial image Then after fill the text boxes by click on the create button you will create one sub-tutorial.

    After creating one sub-tutorial, this can be a parent sub-tutorial and by clicking on its name, a panel would be shown that you are able to add children for the sub-tutorial (same way as displayed above), edit it or delete it: sub-tutorial image

    After you added the tutorial you want, you can edit the tutorial in special time based on your role in adding tutorial:

    1. As an instructor of the tutorial, you always have access to the tutorial to edit the tutorial.'
    2. As a user which is adder of tutorial (not instructor) you have just can access tutorial for 3 days from the day you add the tutorial.
    3. Maybe you are not adder, and you are not instructor of tutorial, but you think there should be an edit; then easily contact the iTutorialist admin side and tell us what you think should be edited.

    You can access the link of editing tutorial from the separate tutorial page, at the top of tutorial image: sub-tutorial image

  • Instructors or Users

    If the instructor for the tutorial that you want to add is not already added, you may add the instructor by going to “Add New” and select “+Instructor”.

    • Then you may find the instructor email address, so enter it and click next : sub-tutorial image
    • If you could not find the instructor email address, then click on the link 'I couldn't find the instructor's email address' : sub-tutorial image

    Then you have to enter the instructor details in the next page, and submit the instructor. Also it's recommended to Upload the instructor image and fill out the optional fields:

    • Click on “Optional Fields” and fill up data which are available: Language: main instructor language (find in personal website/follow the tutorial language) Country: Is the country that instructor is from (find in personal website/ chose USA if couldn’t find) sub-tutorial image And click on “Add new Instructor” botton.
  • Lists
    1. Go to your lists page from the menu on after login. list menu image
    2. Scroll down at the bottom of the page to create your custom list: list create button image
    3. Choose proper name for your list. Name of the list is important since it will show up in google search after few days and users also can search within the website.
    4. Optional fields help your list to be easier be found and get more attention. You may click on 'optional fields' options to fill it up.
    5. Provide description, image, category and sub-category for your list and click Create button.
    After login to the application, find the tutorial that you want to add through search and add it to your list: list create button image